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Addiction By Uketui Anthony

POSTED 09/27/2018 11:53
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Trenched and drenched,
Null replies and water supplies,
An excuse to sit on the white chair,
A tissue at the right hand, an empty pail in the other,
Maybe his rear was in despair,
An earphone hung around the neck, both ears working fine,
Footprints of rug less stamps, no fee, just a ticket,
Not fancy, less attractive, no design
To the dirty to the dirty throne, no crown except one with thorns,
Not Jesus Christ, but the next line will explain better,
Pricks the sense of smell, you could even tell,
Sit, hmm that’s an exaggeration, I mean squat,
Still same, just no touching, maybe it’s royal,
Belts unbuckled, pants down,
Powwow!! Cracked, it’s not the first time and definitely won’t be the last,
But it was just the screens guard,
Powered on, smirk seen, obviously on my screen,
Earphone plugged, nose drugged, not affected smell wise,
Excitements threaded everywhere, everywhere,
With feelings of regrets, sewing stops.
But that could have been after thorough excretion,
No dump, no urine, useless white rolls, except ones stained with pure black,
Useless pail,
A rejected crown, an empty palace filled with awful smells,
Soiled with liquids of all kind, …
Regret engraved, and again, and again,
And again, and again,

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