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Aba By Edoziem Miracle

POSTED 10/02/2018 12:43
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Huge static photograph in memory’s walls
Mama Obi tearing out her door when the
sun still sleeps
praying for her, she and herself
then the flash from heaven’s shutter
uniformed children
women with fat trays and huge bags
men in large trucks
all answer the call of a normal working day
reels of streets lined with yellow tricycles
and aged houses
shouts rent the market air
buy from me
and you’ll never lack again
spiced will makes one
sell salad in little polythene pouches
and the insatiable hunger for packaging
makes throats ripple and hands thrust
that wonderful frame of survival
humans milling around crumbling walls
parents of seedlings
and the bleeding clothes proudly brought
from loss angelis float
on the black mud
perfect sketches of hard work
small men with big sacks
and the day can’t get any better
when a stranger is lost
in all the wonder of this living picture

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