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A Worthy One By Chidi Emmanuel Chinonso

POSTED 04/26/2018 12:05
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Feeling pressed on all sides?
With oppression etching in thine soul an address of the assailed?
Doth thou now sniff the insipid whiff of aggrandized toil?
I know thee with a crushed spirit that reeks of over-pampered anxiety,
thee that tills the fields of gangrenious pestilence.
Each dawn per day,
you wobble outta your depressed mattress with a rude distortion of countenance,
you trot to a square hole in the wall to behold and recieve from the generous father of rays as it peeks from the azure horizon.
Just as the unripe blaze of the yellow giant dribbles your frame and lends it a shadow,
so does the intractable enormity of your wailing woes affront you.
And after the slow realize, you begin a hurrid descent into depression's dark dungeon,
you forget me.
You forget that it is I that spells the mien of your very existence,
you do not realize that it is I who gave your limbs a smooth sail through the spiked rigours of last night.
It escapes your warped memory that I breathe the rhythm of the universe,
you fail to recognize that I reside a ton of miles above the sun you so admire,
that it is I who grants the diligent power to attain eye-popping and sweatless wealth.
Instead you mumble a grumble,
and before the loquacious cock completes its third awake call you have stolen a bath and flown off to persecute thine inane toil,
a foil toil of either corporate or manual inclination which leaves you with an income that can nourish an amoeba after having flexed like the egregious whale.
For you mortals; the universe is a global village,
for I; it is a puny toy filled with beings I created and love.
But when thine foremost predecessors erred,
and to diagrammatically epitomize my salubrious love;
I sent my son, a sole heir.
He was struck down and trampled,
hung and advertised an emblem of palpable shame,
bruised and battered to cushion all of hell's just acclaims.
All above and more he braved;
cheapening the tenacity of thine ineffable transgressions,
paying in full all demands of thine impunity of iniquity,
thrashing the efficacy of grave's might;
his sarcrifice gave me sons for a son.
Far above principalities and powers that be,
resplendent and silken in purity,
He inhabits the ethereal privilege of my east paw.
Never incommunicado,
always interfering with the ebb of thine sins,
pointing to the exquisite assignment of calvary,
drowning thine obdurate misdemeanours in the wonder-working power of His blood,
solving all thine imbroglios.

Wonder no longer,
I am God almighty;
Principality of diversity;
Entity of Divinity;
Patriarch of immortality;
Eternal reality
and Master of all ability.
I am the worthy one,
the only worthy one.

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