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A Melody Of Malady By Daniel Nkanga

POSTED 09/11/2018 12:23
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The saddest melody of malady
The highest Salary of Hilary
For which he worked tirelessly
Is now kept uselessly
v He has been taught a lesson
He won't skip telling Nelson
That it’s enough for a person
That ever refuses to listen

Before him lay his father
The memories of him struck harder
Smiting him like the sting of an adder
Now the hope for living seemed farther

He wanted to give him the best life, not bad.
He worked hard to establish this
But he was too busy with work to notice
He had forgotten to say, "I love you Dad"

in words or otherwise.
He left the very vital of life
Employed by the wise
To comfortable stay alive

Even the business man, the coffin maker,
took thrice the usual amount from, he didn't cheat.
For all prices were up. The country was in a pit
Difficult to afford the luxury of a coffee maker

His Dad sank in
He scooped and dropped in
a handful of sand
He became too weak to stand

Then he looked up
There was a spark of yellow
right up
It was a story to hallow

Hilary turned round
And with arms wild with emotion
He hugged his mum!

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