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My View By Wisdom Ahamefula

POSTED 08/30/2017 14:04:30
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All I write here today is of personal knowledge as I used to be a member of one category and a defaulter of one. But again, the man who welcomes truth with pride and works on his flaws in trembling is wise. Writing on this category of persons hasn't been my drive but to be fair, it's got to be done.
To commence, I'll start with the group of those who cherish Unbelief than precious stones. Why not drink water instead of juice and get a private jet rather than a tricycle? The reply is either this or something of this sort;
"It’s my choice" or
"Why u dey take panadol for my headache?"
But how long shall we wander in obscurity? We claim to know the world and its ways meanwhile as individuals, we forget taking the brush to mouth in occurrence. To Leonardo who has the sight of possibilities, it’s easy to succeed while Kola who believes not in possibilities, success is difficult... this is the ignorant act we humans practice; we cloak possibilities with unbelief. I rest. In continuity, another is the fearful category (I was a chairman in this club). It’s alright to fear but it better be the fear of the lord which bringeth wisdom not that which does potential murder because in the end, those who obey their parents in the lord, have good knowledge of the word while those who fear their parents with the highest of degrees have no hint on what the word quotes and limit adequate parental relationship.
This category of people, are blind limiters of group and personal progress because while being vessels for fear domination, there's one or the world itself seeking to embrace the fragrance of their knowledge to be moved to the brighter of paths. Fight this feeling cause it does no of good courage and be humble in spirit not scared. Add these fathers; Ebike Kemasuode and Dubamo Aginighan for mature counselling.
To the close, is the almighty Blame Instilling category. This type will unknowingly give to you the key to their life when passing blames. They're just so thin-minded to fit in the world of the brave and too curved to be upright in facing challenges. They bend to the inch of the ants and ask for no wisdom at all. They're just not patient to know the outcome of their actions before they boldly and with all power and might pass the bait. They'll be of earnest advantage considering their fearless features.
Finally, to the mentioned category of persons, I term the 'Zacheauses' of our time due to the fact of them being mentally short to see the light. Anyways, there's always a spur of hope in human race attesting to the generosity of life in giving second chances but it'll be wise if the life-given opportunity comes in the form of height so we'll all grow together to see understanding that'll push us to that peak that knows no limit.
I concord to the truth that this isn't the best of articles but if we could welcome the privilege of re-learning, there'll surely be mental sharpening and this will for real pull us into doing positivity.

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