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The Next History By Boluwatife Oyedeji

POSTED 05/09/2018 15:33:30
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The sound of beauty and the breeze of plain heart cannot be isolated in the world of existence. Emotional light is the key to welcome the angels of upliftment which can only be visible through inexhaustible actions. Human being as a whole focus on the moment that makes them clear off the memories of tomorrow’s outcome, as what is capable of coming should come; every single second just have to be utilized to their advantage. The principal rule of mind is the rule of desire by all means, and it is a pad that dictates the beauty of tomorrow unseen; only those with great heart are capable of regulating its affairs with the rod of justification.
There is no need of being skeptical, the image of everyman can be tailored, painted and repainted towards getting the degree of beauty of his desire, and also, it can also be rendered colorless, all take its source in the room of action. The pillars of future unseen can be restructured to attain its maximum height if only man can tailor his action to take its source of ignition from the heart of positivity and morality. Morality is what I termed as the ability of self-justification up-shooting from the platform of fairness and good deeds. Through this, everyman will be able to separate the rotten fruit from the scented ones. Morality is a key role to play towards preparing the foreseen future in the sky of uncommon favour. Man is absolutely unique, and God being a master planner, has placed your future in the hand of another man which flows in a recycling chain of advancement. Only your positive actions can open your door for them to come in, otherwise, you will become a retarded plant that will experience no growth till your sun set. They are the catalytic promoter whose actions intensity solely depends on how far you have prepared your own road through your actions; do it right in the morning and you will see the power in the positivity of actions.
Your characters and actions depicted seeds being planted, and it can bounce back on you in an unexpected way, place and time; the world has no terminal end. With this, you are creating your impression in the mind of the world which can bring or kill the best in you, and that is the major reason to make it great. Whatever action you are about to take, ensure you are connected by heart and not only mind, but connecting by the two will give you the very best. Mind is a tool of action and the control panel of your thinking bank, while heart should be assigned to carry out assessment task of fairness. If you are ascending only with the use of mind, you will never see your land of glory; we are in the world where no one is independent to reach his place of destination. The mind shows your worth, while the heart calls for the buyers; it is only when you are bought that you will begin to soar in the sky of greatness. The buyers are what I termed as the destiny helpers; don’t spoil your golden image, be the best you can, act positively and walk with the fuel of integrity.
The purification of heart is the first task of greatness even before hardworking and prayer. A well purified heart will surely generate an endless spark of attraction that will culminate in the shield of support and assistance. A superhuman being who watches over the affairs of mankind will not even forsake you because he operates in purity. Hence, you will start commanding the attention of your helpers; characters and actions are the basic wings of ascendancy and advancement in an illimitable world.
There are no heroes anywhere except those who have created an everlasting word of praise in the mouth of the world, and those who have brought into the mind of the world the glorious impression that can never die. They are the history that can never be erased. All these should add to sense of urgency of everyman that before your greatness and after, there is need for the maintenance of pure state of mind, as that is the only way to love and be loved. The most common sign that depict a man having the garment of purity is CONSCIENCE in every undertaking task and action. Conscience leads to self-judgement; self-judgment brings the needed amendment.
Always be sensitive enough not to be controlled excessively by your impulse and be aware of your mind desire. We can’t wait to have you as OUR NEXT HISTORY THAT CAN NEVER BE ERASED.

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