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The Market Circle By Boluwatife Oyedeji

POSTED 04/15/2018 14:43:30
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The market of life is a place of lesson, an arena for the exchange of soul and body tools, and their end-product in order to amble into a new place of light. Such a market comprises of different beings and they are distinguished by their traits. Before there can be any transference, you have to breed in yourself the required capacity to honour other creatures as it is demanded. Otherwise, there shall be no success in your life transactions. Those creatures are what I termed the LIFE-PAYEE.
As man begins his voyage in life, he need to view himself as a being that is bound to render services in accordance to their mode of existence. They are the door-openers, guardians of viridescent spot and the holders of beauty. Through this life – payee, you will knock, ask and seek. They are the one to open and show you the trail to your heaven. Your true heaven is a place of your desire, the end-point of your dream and the last bus-stop of your determination. It is a place freed from sorrow, a place where you will weep not and see the glory in the excellence of dream. No one reach such a place without passing through the market circle.
In this very circle, you will witness the reality in the game of reality, and unending scene of life. This market circle involves the market of wilderness and the market of garden. In the wilderness, you will begin to walk on the embers of suffering and agony, but it is only when you pass through this first market of wilderness that can land you in the market of garden. During the task of wilderness, the best lesson to acquire is the lesson of service rendering and payment making idea, as that is the benchmark of not only your progress but success as well.
The most dangerous event in the market of wilderness is the event of EYE-CAPTURE. Eye-capture is what I defined as an act of eyeing other’s value. It is all about sense of comparison that leads to imitation and excessive aggression which is a promoter of intolerance and impatience. It leaves one in the capsule of retardation as it tends to kill your own flame of exceptional vision. This is the most difficult circle and it is a point where you need to balance everything using every tool possible. This is where the fire of life builds and also destroys, depending on your perception and the kinetic agitation of your mind. It is a market of impediments, enemy and sweat.
Yet, these are some of the agents of path radar and heaven propellant having capacity to teach you what is in the life-circle generally, and also, they increase your sense of vision, ambition and exploration. Market circle is indeed a spot that needs carefulness and sensitivity in order to accomplish the vision of your choice. You need to learn the act of analysis, discrimination and expensive intellectual mechanism of courage and adaptation. It is a place of war between your spirit and spirit inhibitor.
Your spirit anchors your mission of beauty whose beams are always directed towards the angle of positivity, while the spirit inhibitor is nothing but opposition who tends to quench the flame of your goal. You need those tools, tools of war that take their root in the emotional brook of determination, assertion and continuity. Until those tools are put into action, and you strive till you get the green colour after the day sun, NO ONE WILL CALL YOU A WARRIOR.

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