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Silence The Noise: Your Vision Matters By Stanley Michael Oppong

POSTED 08/31/2018 11:53:30
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I don't know exactly about you because we are opposite sides of the same coin: human by classification. Howbeit, I do know there are lots of interferences to you, your goals, vision, interest, relationship, or belief system. It is quite unfortunate that we wear the same shoes but different sizes; thus, we approach life from different view points and angles.

I have seen and heard pain, disappointments, knock-down, delays, and rejection speak with loud voices through my life and the lives of others. Problems and challenges are not new names known to great people! They are pacesetters and preventives if you see them that way. Problems will always be there but what really matters is how we perceive and interpret them. Sometimes the way we see our problems may be the actual problem after all.

Despite of our different races, orientations, ethnicities, belief systems, social cycles and geographical boundaries, our share of experiences truly have defined us in certain unique ways that we couldn't have been better without. One fragile evening I asked myself these questions as if there were no strength left and I want you to sincerely answer them: Have you been stuck between walls of what you want and what you need? Who you are and who you intend to be? Or what you are against and what you stand for? If you had, you had never been alone; there are thousands of others who have made it and still there are millions yet to face similar situation. Stay strong much longer!

After the victory over those thick, crashing moments of our life's journey, there is but one common denominator between us and that is we are new versions now, or at least we have the possibility of becoming refine from our rigid pasts; those confusions, battles of self limitation, identity crisis, defeats over doubt and fear, and pit falls have designed us into a definite forms that match the shapes of our individual destinies.

Now, it is time to get into action! We still have tons of loads to carry. The road to victory has many beginnings than endings. We shouldn't major on minors and minor on majors. What we need right now is to focus on the intensions and not the attentions. Be deliberate. Be mad. Think hard. Most importantly, DON'T BE NORMAL! Greatness is not for normal people. Normal people do not succeed. It takes the abnormal to make crazy changes that normal people won't.

So what's your vision? What is that one tiny force that sets you on flame? If you don't have, then find it. If you don't, you will fall to the defeat of the noise on the outside before dealing with the most deleterious noise of the inside - unstable mind set.

It is as necessary to abort every nonmeaningful conversations, toxic contacts, discouraging words, and vague emotions as it is necessary to breathe. Sanitize your mind. Flush the dust of self pity out. Embrace imagination and forget to memorize the hurtful yesterday, because memory only takes you backward but imagination unlock new doors looking forward.

Be determined to quit the familiarity of being in the crowd. Get on the most daring adventure of your life. Concentrate on your life's priorities and goals. Finally, your vision shall embrace serenity with fulfillment once you dedicate to focusing and directing your life's work.

Get into the drama of life, but structure your script just how you intend it.

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