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Epistles Of Orange By Esther Archibong

POSTED 09/23/2017 13:34:30
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And they had a conversation after the Ibibio Union submitted a memorandum for state creation when a political bureau was set up to define the country’s future political direction in 1986.
“These people are still seeking for a break out from Cross River state. Yes! The people settled in the mainland area. Even after their name was changed from South Eastern to Cross River state.” And that conversation ended the 60 years quest of our founding fathers and brought to birth a giant in the midst of others.
The tenth largest state in Nigeria, having a population of over 5million people settled within a land area of 7,249 kilometers. Currently the highest oil and gas producing state in the nation with a coastline of 129 kilometers, rich in a wide variety of fishes and sea foods. Its natural environment is serene for relaxation, promotes tourism activities, has friendly climatic conditions, many other beauties and the creative, industrious, adventurous, excellent, innovative, to mention but a few, ability of its people is also very remarkable.
The growth we long anticipated came with peace, more ideas, increase, effectiveness, beauty, productivity and this has been 30 years down the line. The boom of Orange September, “Colour Me Orange” now resounding almost everywhere in the state, the activities on social media platforms, the touch of orange at strategic positions in the state, the celebrations, all the stories Orange September has to tell and significantly the eagerness of the citizens to identify not only with the trend of events but their root, the place they belong.
The message then becomes simple. Often we answer the question “which state do you come from?” and when we are conscious of the fact that the pride we would get after we give the answer “Akwa Ibom” depends on how we effectively and productively engage our sphere of endeavour, we would settle for excellence and exceptionality regardless of where we are. As a student, farmer, fashion designer, banker, artist, entertainer, and in whatever profession we belong, we are the collective picture the world see of Akwa Ibom state and when we are able to effectively engage our career, art, creativity and all at our disposal to proffer solutions to the problems around us, the larger society and as well set a pace, then we would create a better picture to be seen around the globe.
Thanks to all who have been faithful to this course, people who have consciously invested their abilities to making the admirable state we see today, still, I do believe that if we are aware and live with this consciousness then who would guess what we would make out of our darling state in years to come. If I and you, if we can explore the opportunities within us, if we can groom, protect, build and strengthen the potentials in us, if we learn even more to accept responsibilities and to establish this asset that was birth to us 30 years ago, we then will be able to create a better social environment and paint a better picture that others will eagerly love to associate and invest in.
While we have tried in our different spheres, kudos to us! And while this is not a wakeup call, it is just a reminder that we owe the next generation a better Akwa Ibom, better than it is today. Hence, “standing out” becomes the watchword. Effectiveness, excellence, creativity and being able to defend our best play this role. More than a problem, solutions speaks better, so let our voice be heard through the solutions we proffer, for no other state bears our origin but Akwa Ibom and we all have the corporate responsibility to make it a place everyone would love to associate with amongst other responsibilities.
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