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After School What Next? By Rebecca Awodiya

POSTED 08/25/2017 15:14:30
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Hey you,
I know you can't wait to shout 'mama I made it!'
I know you're so happy you're graduating anytime soon BUT
Have you thought about LIFE after SCHOOL???
Do you realize that after school, your parents would be expecting you to carry some responsibilities, fend for yourself and begin to put smiles on their faces!?
Do you realise how happy they will be for seeing you through school and how glad they would be when you begin to do exploits?
So I put it to you, what are your plans after school?
Are you gonna go back home to sleep and eat mama's food again??
Have you thought of starting something you can call your own instead of waiting for a white collar job for months or years??
Do something
Start something
Be an entrepreneur
Don't despise your little beginning (that's if you've started something)
Start making your parents proud
Make your siblings glad
Disappoint those who are thinking you wouldn't amount to something
Start something you can call your own
Make yourself proud
Instead of wasting time roaming aimlessly on the street after graduation
Do something
I put it to you, after school, what next???
Think about it
Being responsible and fending for yourself is all that matters most.

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