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Blessing In Disguise By Rebecca Awodiya

POSTED 08/22/2017 15:34:30
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At times when I begin to think over the happenings in life, i discover that at a point in our life we need enemies for us to succeed... Yes, we need enemies.
You need people to tell you ‘NO' so, you can learn to be independent.
You need people to intimidate you, so you can be courageous.
You need people to mock you, so you can run to God.
You need people to disappoint you, so you can learn to put your trust in God.
You need people who see need for you to be sacked, so you can start you own business.
You need a cruel landlord, so you can work towards building your own house.
You need people who doesn't need to see the good in you, people that would bad mouth you and devalue you, so you'll learn to survive on your own without them telling you, you wouldn't have own what you have or gotten what you have if they hadn't helped you
You have to fail that course for you to discover the potentials in you.
But often times we feel disappointed, we have forgotten every disappointment is attached to a blessing.
At some point in time, this so called disappointment is the beginning of our accomplishments.
You can't see a new door opening, if you're still attached to the old door or keep wondering why the old door isn't opening, we spend our time and energy trying to force the close one open.
So when disappointment comes.
Thank God and ask him to open your eyes to see the many blessings he has in store for you.
Thank God because he is the reason why the storm hasn't taken you away.
Something must break so that you can go through, that's why it is called BREAKTHROUGH...
I hope this motivate and inspire someone today.

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